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Officer Pain - The Smash Cop

Officer Pain uses his very unique style of interrogation, his fists. By beating up possible suspects, he keeps hitting until he finds the truth. A mixture of two genres which usually won't be mixed: A beat'em up and a puzzle game. This game is a submission for the Ludum Dare 41. 

Grave Robber - LDJam 40

A dark night on a graveyard, it's only you and a lot of treasures hidden behind theses gravestones. But the more you loot theses graves, the more dangerous gets your environment. Can you survive long enough to get a decent reward?

Tower of Power - LDJam 39


Manage your power to survive as many waves of enemy's as possible. That's the spirit of Tower of Power a game where power is everything: Your health, your currency, your ammunition. This game was my entry for the Ludum Dare 39, which had the topic "Running out of Power".


Don't cook me  - Global Game Jam 2017

For the first time I took part in the Global Game Jam. I came back with a lot of new experiences and unique Game: Don't cook me is a game about where you are a little French fry trying to dodge heatwaves of a microwave, while the ground is spinning. Watch the food around you transforms from the heat, while you are trying to escape your fate.

One Dark Room - LDJam37

One Dark Room is a game made for the Ludum Dare Jam 37 with the topic  "One Room". 

You are trapped in a completely dark room, attacked by enemies you can't even see. Your only source of light is your flashlight and some candles, which you might find on the ground. The only weapon to defend yourself with is a sword. How many enemies can you defeat and how many waves can you survive? Give it a shot, it is completely free!

Extreme Runner Update

Recently I uploaded a post jam update for my game Extreme Runner.

The new version has a lot new features like:


  • Pause option with ESC
  • Pink ball moves in circles, instead of completely random
  • Your position on the screen affects the distance
  • Movement affects the speed
  • The rocket launcher guy does not aim on your feet anymore
  • New enemy green ball: it is bouncing at the edges of the map and changes its direction this way
  • Cheerleader during the end-screen, if your result is good enough
  • More game modes like "400 meters", "2 minutes", "2000 meters" and "Endless".
    Now you decide how long you want to run
  • End-screen was slightly changed
  • New SG Font implemented.
  • Added a little decoration to the background.
    I hope you like flowers.
  • Finally the spawner was fixed again, making the game getting harder by time, but also starting not too easy
  • Usual stuff like bug fixes

1BitMaze my Game for the 1BitJam

1BitMaze is now available! A game only in black and white. Can you beat those crazy mazes? Challenge yourself:

Badboxart Jam Game: Extreme Runner

Extreme Runner is my game made for the Badboxart Jam on Gamesjolt. The goal was to create a game based on an (bad) game cover.  You can play the current version here:


Update and more information about the game will be available after the jam.

New Game released: A little Spaceshooter

Pilot a spaceship and shoot down meteorites and hostile spaceships. Upgrade your ship to survive more powerful waves of enemy´s. Can you beat them all and get yourself a top rank in the scoreboard?

Give it a try. It is completely free.